BOLOGNA - 6/8 MARCH 2024


HANNOVER - 22/26 APRIL 2024

Aluminum: Which technology to choose?

Our specialization in production processes allows us to identify the most suitable technology for producing all types of aluminum mechanical components, choosing from: casting , hot pressing , die casting, extrusion or directly from the bar.
The main factors that we take into consideration after having extensively discussed with the customer are the following: - Annual drafting -
of use and mechanical characteristics
- Surface
finish required - Detail morphology to be realized

Only after a complete analysis we can orient ourselves towards the Asian partner specialized in the process chosen for production, with the certainty of reaching the required result in the shortest possible time.
A great added value is the possibility to assemble, test, paint, anodize and package the item we are commissioned in customized packaging.

pressofusioni zama
pressofusione metalli schema pressofusione stampi

Italian quality

Our company is structured to produce both small and large lots, managing the programming of our customers and ensuring punctuality on requested deliveries. The size of the castings can be from a few grams up to 75 kg.

EDR Fittings guarantees rapid prototyping in less than 30 days accompanied by detailed dimensional reports and material analysis. (For food use, also transfer test DM 258 of 12/21/2010)

Important cost reduction by obtaining a high quality and industrialized product.

Possibility of creating products with shape complexity and undercuts in a single piece, eliminating costly machining or welding.

Precision castings with very narrow dimensional tolerances.

Elasticity of production lots without set-up costs.

Low cost of equipment often amortized already with the first production order.

Excellent quality surface finish and possibility to insert your company logo or code directly on the merger.

Possibility to melt each material keeping the mechanical properties unchanged.