Production from a few grams up to 35 Kg

Hot stamping is an ancient technique for modeling metals by heating and plastic transformation of raw pieces into special equipment.

The choice of this technology, compared to any other casting technique, is the high mechanical property of the pieces with a decidedly more competitive cost.

EDR Fittings specializes in the production of printed matter from a few grams up to 35 Kg, making use of close partnerships with Italian and Asian ISO-certified printing works and from us, through strict on-site audits.

stampaggio a caldo

Production Hot pressing

The main characteristics that differentiate hot-stamped products from those produced by melting, laminating and sintering are the following:

  • Maximum obtainable mechanical strength due to the compaction of the material and the arrangement of the fibers.
  • Weight reduction as dimensions and thicknesses can be reduced with the same mechanical strength.
  • Precision castings with very tight dimensional tolerances .
  • Elimination of defects such as porosity, cavities or work hardening, due to the raw material of departure and the very high compression to obtain the plastic deformation of the piece. These characteristics make the printout indispensable for the safety elements used in motor vehicles, aircraft and where a product with high mechanical resistance is required.