microfusione a cera persa alluminio

Quality production process

In accordance with the ISO 9001 DNV certification regulations

lost wax investment casting

Edr Fittings outsources its manufacturing using the investment casting process. It manufactures any kind of particular good swith a complex shape and under cuts and with a weight ranging from a few grams up to castings of over 70kg.
EDR Fittings stands out for the creation of investment casting using raw material or certified billet thus guaranteeing a quality of the material which is capable of satisfy ingeven the needs required by the nautical and pharmaceutical sector and food industry (DM258 21/12/2010).
EDR Fittings is able to satisfy both small batches, also of 50 pcs, and manufacturing outputs of many thousands of pieces by managing the production planning of its customers. Each melting maybe supplied together with complex machining with narrow tolerances, assemblies with other mechanical fittings and anytype of surface finish such ascoating with zinc, nickel plating, satinizing, mirror polishing, etc..
All manufacturing processes are closely monitored in compliance with DNV ISO 9001 certification.

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