Edr Fittings can make machining and precision mechanical workshop on behalf of third parties.
Taking advantage of the most qualified Chinese engineering industries that are ISO 9001 certified, we are able to produce mechanical components on customers drawing with narrow tolerances and fine surface finishes using CNC turning and numerical control milling.
Our numerous audits in situ, which are binding for the inclusion of a new supplier among our partners, ensure collaborations with cutting-edge industries with certified control instruments that are constantly monitored according to thereference standards.
We offer our customers the opportunity to receive the finished product comprehensive of assembly, surface treatment, welding or other processes required.
Each production batch will be tested up to 100% in order to guarantee the highest quality and the maximum efficiency during assembly phase in assembly lines.
Taking advantage of direct contacts with Moulding Plants, Foundries, aluminum and brass Pressure die-castings, aluminum Extruders etc., EDR Fittings manages the supply of raw materials, subsequent processing on customer?s drawing and treatments by personally testing the compliance with products and each intermediate step.
In order to reduce production costs and ensure high quality standards, ourstaff is able to develop industrialization together with your technicians.
EDR Fittings strictly adheres to all standards in accordance with DNV ISO 9001 certification.

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