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gears, pulleys and bevel gears

Edr Fittings is specialized in the manufacturing and sale of gears and mechanical transmissions on customer' s drawing.

gears, pulleys and bevel gears

Production of all types of standard or on customer's drawing pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic valves, automatic fittings. The quality will always be ensured by a 100% production inspection.

Our strength derives from the fact that we can provide products with the same quality as the European one or with higher characteristics at the price of products imported from Asia. According to EDR Fittings, cheapness means offering a high quality product liability at the best market price.

Production of transfer gears, such as: gearwheels, bars and pulleys, chain pinions, racks, bevel gears, with heat treatments (induction hardening, carburizing) and surface treatments (nickel plating, coating with zinc, burnishing, cromeplating).

EDR is specialized in supplying both standard and customized transmission gears and assemblies with ball-bearings, bushings or bearings.

Each specific request of our customers will be followed carefully by our staff located in China in order to ensure a high product quality and the respect of all the critical points using avant-garde testing laboratories. Being EDR a DNV ISO 9001 certified company, it provides samples and production with documented "test reports" and accurate monitoring in accordance with the customer "production plan".

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